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    re Ban Appeal

    Clearly you didnt read the rest of my reply. Team Killing was only part of you being perma banned. So I say again your ban will not be removed.

    RoidRage Yesterday, 07:54 PM Go to last post

    re Ban Appeal

    ARMA 3
    In-Game name : Fabra
    Server: Wasteland #US1 , actually from all servers hosted by code4gaming
    Date/Time : Unknown

    fabraaa Yesterday, 06:22 PM Go to last post


    I will be inactive on teamspeak and arma until Wednesday. I am going to Fort Lauderdale for school vacation.

    casey 04-17-2015, 01:23 PM Go to last post

    Ban Appeal

    Hey. Sorry for the late reply. I had to discuss this case with the other admins before replying.

    With that being said your ban is not getting

    RoidRage 04-17-2015, 01:22 PM Go to last post

    Collateral Ban Appeal

    Sounds like a "dad" type of move to me.

    casey 04-17-2015, 01:21 PM Go to last post
  • Welcome to Code 4!

    All Sa-Matra Servers now Enforce these Generic Rules. These rules have been agreed upon by all current hosts and have officially been instated. Although these rules are enforced across all Sa-Matra servers, each host is allowed to have custom rules outside of the following:

    Players found with three or more punished teamkills will receive a three day ban, any player whom further sees fit to break this rule with continuous teamkilling may receive a permanent ban. (Excludes Independent Faction).

    In-Game Voice Abuse.
    Players found to be abusing voice in any channel may receive a 24 hour ban (streaming music and such is not allowed).

    Players found to be using scripts or hack menus of ANY kind will receive a permanent ban.

    Glitching and or Bug Exploiting.
    Players found to be exploiting in-game bugs or glitches of any kind may receive up to a 14 day ban.

    Trolling or Griefing.
    Anyone found to be "trolling" or "griefing" other players depending on the severity may receive a permanent ban (depending on the admins discretion).

    Friendly Asset Theft.

    Anyone found to be "stealing" friendly assets from other teammates will receive up to a 5 day ban (for repeat offences with the exclusion of the Independent Faction).

    Friendly Base Sabotage.
    Anyone found "sabotaging" friendly bases will receive up to a 5 day ban (for repeat offences with the exclusion of the Independent Faction).

    Above are subject to change at anytime, thank-you for your cooperation. For further information or questions please proceed to our forums.
    Above rules are generic please respect custom server rules at all costs.




    -You risk being detected/perm banned if you do!

    1 : Respect the Admins Decisions. Take all problems with their decisions to our

    - Team Speak @ teamspeak.CodeFourGaming.com
    - forums @ http://www.codefourgaming.com

    2 : Do NOT connect to our servers with "Cheat Engine" running! You will be permanently banned (this is irreversible).

    3 : Use of VON on Global side chat is not allowed. Use of VON on team side chat as Independent is not allowed.

    4: Excessive outbursts of anger or verbally abusive behaviour which disrupts the server will not be tolerated and may result in a kick or 24 hour ban.

    5 : Hate speech of any kind is not tolerated on C4G servers and will result in an immediate 24 hour ban for the first offence.

    6 : Abusing Game Mechanics is a ban-able offense. See below for details. - Original Post here: http://www.codefourgaming.com/forum/...=3128#post3128

    7 : All Admin Decisions are final unless the player can present evidence for a successful appeal.


    Abuse of Game Mechanics Is Prohibited (Custom Rule #6)


    Duplicating in game items via any method to create multiple copies, for any purpose.

    Abusing respawn mechanics within Gun Stores
    Driving Vehicles to a gunstore then use players spawning in the town or gunstore area to refresh the inventory to exploit the selling of items from vehicles.

    Wall Glitching
    Using a vehicle, terrain clipping fault or other unlisted method to pass through, rather than over, a wall or other base part.

    Terrain Glitching
    Glitching into rocks, fallen walls or other objects so as to remain invisible, while allowing 3rd person view of an area and/or fire out of the glitched object.

    Objects as Weapons
    Using a carried object, such as a wall, crate or other base part to intentionally strike another player with the intent to damage and/or kill them.

    Objects as Shields
    Using a carried object, such as a wall, as a mobile shield or firing while carrying an object in such a way.

    Vehicle Whipping
    Using the tail vehicles in a vehicle train to pass through terrain or solid objects so as to damage players positioned in cover. The tail vehicles may be used to hit players in open ground, so long as they do not pass through any solid objects to do so.

    Mobile Rearming
    Rearming of Armed Vehicles and/or Armed Helicopters with an attached Ammo Truck. An Ammo Truck cannot be used to rearm the vehicle it is attatched to, as to do so it must first be glitched. It can be towed by another vehicle. Rearming mid air at any time is strictly prohibited.

    Clipping Overlap Bomb
    Placing a carryable object or inventory item, such as an ATV, crate or vehicle ammo inside the object frame of a vehicle so that the two objects clip together, causing the vehicle to explode.


    Any questions, comments or concerns can be brought up in our team speak or posted here on the forums.

    Thank you for your time, we hope you enjoy playing in our servers.

    Published on 03-10-2014 05:00 AM

    You must meet the following requirements:

    1) 16+ years of age required for Membership.

    2) Mature, responsible attitude.

    3) You must enter our Team Speak and play in our servers, so that we may get to know you and see if you'd make a good recruit.

    4) Once you post your application, You must find a member who will "Sponsor" you. Once a Member vouches for you, then tags will be granted. There is a 1 month probation period, even after this 1 month you may be removed if you fail to abide by our Charter.

    5) This community does not tolerate hacks, cheats, glitching, or racism of any kind. Any participation in any of those activities will be an instant ban from EVERYTHING, forever. Once we find out, and we will, you will have your membership revoked and be banned from our servers.

    *If you understand and agree with the prerequisites posted above, then please apply using the following format:

    Application Format

    In Game Name:


    Steam ID: ( http://steamidfinder.com/ )


    Player Profile Name (exactly):

    Player ID's (found within your player profile)
    - ARMA II:
    - ARMA III:

    Will you use Team Speak?:

    What C4G servers do you play on?:

    ************************************************** ******************

    This application acts as a contract between You and CodeFourGaming. Once submitted, You agree to abide by Our Charter. If at any point you fail to do so, You risk having your membership denied / revoked.

    You MUST BE noticeably ACTIVE in our servers and Team Speak before your application will be considered. You may apply but you will not be processed until we feel you have put in the proper amount of time. Do not pester Members to vouch for you, this will result in your application being denied. BEFORE YOU ARE ACCEPTED, YOUR SPONSORSHIP MUST BE AUTHORIZED BY AN ADMIN.

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