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By Thafireman
Hey guys,
Getting the usual Battle Eye client not responding error that results in a kick. I've tried a bunch of fixes, and have come to learn that it is an issue that wont be resolved until the server "hard resets". All this I understand, however if at all possible could someone inform me on when the next "hard reset" occurs for RHS US#5?

Thank you in advance for your response.
By Mr. Bacon
Easy fix I discovered is just rebooting your router
No need to reset it or anything just switch it off, leave it for a minute and turn it back on
The issue is a battleeye issue and isn't just in Arma, the issue is being worked on but for now the only fix is for the server to hard restart or for you to restart your router, I don't know the exact cause of the issue but it seems to be related to battleeye running but not passing further than your router, therefor the server thinks you're not running it and kicks you to prevent cheating.
Give it a go, hopefully this works for you as it has for myself and many friends

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