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Got problems with the servers or WS launcher. Post here and we will get back to you shortly

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I noticed a different post on this forum about the same issue except with server #2, but I still wanted to post it.

Server #6, and server #6 only, has been kicking me because Battle Eye is not responding. It happens after a minute and I tried almost every solution. This happened yesterday at noon, Pacific time, and one of the solutions I heard was to wait for the server to hard restart. Well, it has been a full day now, and I still haven't been able to get in.

Does anyone either know when the server resets or have any other suggestion?
Have you tried resetting your router as that seems to work for me. What i do is turn it off for a couple of minutes (unplug) then plug it back in. i normally restart steam as well and that tends to work for me.
Hope this helps
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