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By BillRampage
Application Format

In-Game Name: BillRampage

Age: 26

Steam ID: dancingcayote2 (Rampage)


Player Profile Name (exactly):BillRampage

Player ID's (found within your player profile)
- ARMA III:76561198155078624

Will you use Team Speak?: Yes

What C4G servers do you play on?: Codefour Infantry Only server

Why do you want to join the C4G community, what do you hope to do whilst part of it?
I have quite a few friends in c4g. Pretty much the only servers I play are C4G servers. I have been on the server for nearly a year now. I would like to join a koth community so I can play with more people instead of always playing alone. I like playing with allot of the c4g members and they have recommended that I try to join the c4g community. I play ALLOT, I'm on just about every night and if I did become an admin at some point I would be able to monitor in game behavior quiet allot. I record all my game play as well, so any rule breaking can be easily reported.
:twisted: See you all in my cross hairs :twisted:
By dr. errl
i've been playing with Bill the past few nights and he's a good guy. active in game and comes in teamspeak to chill. +1
Hey Bill, when one of the recruiting admins reviews this they will let you know whether you have been accepted or denied. I would expect a reply soon. I wish you the best!
By BillRampage
Seeing how pheonix had his recruitment post up for a day and it got accepted. I think it's fair to think Iv been denied.
Welcome to C4G Bill!

Server is hard restarted. It will be okey now.

Server is hard restarted. It will be okey now.

No VIP Help!

Done 76561197964087931 :D :D :D :D :D :D […]

Application denied, for further information Please[…]