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By AussieFrenzy
Application Format

In-Game Name: AussieFrenzy

Age: 44

Steam ID: ( ) 76561198076089319


Player Profile Name (exactly): AussieFrenzy

Player ID's (found within your player profile)
- ARMA III: AussieFrenzy

Will you use Team Speak?: Yes, I have server regular badge already

What C4G servers do you play on?: KOTH US#4

Why do you want to join the C4G community, what do you hope to do whilst part of it? (50 word min.) I want to be apart of the C4G community because I enjoy playing with most of the people who play on C4G and have made many friends. I am a detonator to the servers and exclusively play on C4G.
By Riddle
1+ :D
By smurfsgtchris
accepted, Just poke any admin in team speak to get tags there, And for in game tags just apply for our Arma 3 unit and we will accept you.

Arma 3 Unit:

Cheerz Spotlight ;-)

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