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Application Format

1) In-Game Name: cta

2) Age: 28

3) Steam ID: ( http://steamidfinder.com/ ) 76561198045733799

4) Will you use Team Speak? yeah

5) What C4G servers do you play on? rhs

6) Why do you want to join the C4G community? i can move people in ts

7) Are there any admins or members of codefourgaming that might be willing to vouch for you? oli smurf riddle jen storm arctic domory zen

8) What's your favourite weapon/vehicle/playstyle? jet

9) Have you been banned from codefourgaming servers or other king of the hill comunities before?yes im a dirty profile cheater
By Oli
application accepted
By smurfsgtchris
why didn't you put that your dog did it? application denied.
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