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By Mr. Bacon
So I've already made a normal KoTH montage and a 1944 one, I've just complete a Battlefield 4 one, my next one is going to be on KoTH RHS, with each video, I am refining my skills, getting better, faster and more accurate with my editing skills, each video will be around 3-4 minutes (the average length of a song)

Could I please have some feedback on my first three, all comments and suggestions are welcome including any songs or what montage I should do next, please feel free to give criticism but keep it constructive or you'll make me cry xD

All the videos are on C4G servers (excluding BF4 Obviously)
The C4G servers are awesome and I hope to be making a fair few more of these, as much as I do it for myself, it's nice to get a few views and a bit of feedback on my work, it often takes me up to a few days to record and edit each one so be nice please <3 xoxo
Thanks all, I really appreciate it :D

With Love Your Friendly Neighbourhood Mr. Bacon xoxox :D

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxJynZT ... g4ZVRV1Vyh
By pyro
Nice montages indeed.

The last heli one certainly sums up the dice roll you take when getting in helis on any KoTH server for sure. Every pilot has a bad day at some point but there are far too many who manage to stretch that out to most of the year!
By Alex Rosewood
HOW in the world did non of these cars explode. I mean ARMA 3 phycics are broken but you managed to overcome them.

Nice montage :)

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