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Your Player Name: Mr.Fluffybunnyfluff
Person complaint is about: General Cornholio
Which server did this happen on: US #5 HC Infantry
What happened: Well a lot of us Opfor players were complaining because we believe corn was helicopter sniping. It showed always killed from 1k meters away. We sent search parties looking and couldnt find him. Im not saying he was breaking the rules but he was defiantly taking advantage. The fact that he can get 51 KILLS and 1 DEATH on an infantry server is ridiculous its so unbalanced because we cant vechial ram him. Opfor has the mi8t and its slow and doesnt have as many people who can shoot out. He just abusing in my opinion. I got an admin to come on but he said what he was doing was allowed. I say we make it against the rules. I dont have a screenshot of my death but he was sniping with m107.

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... 1324825903
By AlecW
Why should it be against the rules? Just because he's on board a heli, not like he's any harder to counter-snipe with a T-5000. Bench-sniping isn't a new concept, and it's certainly not taking advantage of any game bugs.

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