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By Remember Sega
I have some suggestions, mostly US and RU though.

Secondary suggestions for if you have more time:

german medic uniform ... 63CDB5A02/
new 82nd camo ... 83B59B713/
new 82nd medic ... 63363D6A6/

new 82nd camo slight variation from first ... A9D34E5E2/

US M-43 Airborne

US M1A1 Thompson Web Gear

US M1 Airborne Helmet (Plain 3)
or with new helmet - H_LIB_US_AB_Helmet_5 ... 734d7d.png ... fc958a.png ... aa88f5.png

List of outfits that could be added.
US Pilot
H_LIB_US_Helmet_Pilot U_LIB_US_Private V_LIB_US_Vest_45
US Medic
H_LIB_US_Helmet_Ped U_LIB_US_Med V_LIB_US_Vest_Medic
US Tank Crew
H_LIB_US_Helmet_Tank U_LIB_US_Tank_Crew V_LIB_US_Vest_Carbine


M8 greyhound ... =970664431

m4a3 Sherman firefly

m4a3(76) sherman

M4A3E8(76) HVSS Sherman

M5A1 Stuart

M3A3 Stuart

M4A3 Sherman

Gaz as a replacement for the current level 100 reward. LIB_GazM1

FlakPanzer IV ... 5A430D091/

Replace current car? ... 52D770CA9/
russian c47* ... 01E3BB858/

RAF skin p-39 ... 1709AF7CA/

RAF c47 skin ... 326D452D8/

suppose better put US skin ... 53D50C972/


Browning ... E87651544/

1 variation of Thompson ... 565400B13/

new carbine ... 80E671A63/

mg-34 ... 16267BB73/

PTRD-41 was thinking as a perk weapon low ammo as it AT ... 756A2A3B2/

MG-34 (pt) ... 845FA6957/

2nd variation of Thompson ... 01A5AD587/

Luger ... 972A78104/

Use the plane limit from normal koth in 1944 but have defined groups Example
max 3 fighters
max 2 bombers
max 2 c-47's

No towers please!

Add alternative camo options for vehicles. Unlocked at level X. Gives players more rewards to work on.
Add alternative camo options for players/units. Unlocked at lvl50+X. Gives players more rewards to work on.
Add C47 Skytrain and Li-2 transport planes. To be used as "Land at base. Pick up people. Fly over the AO. Paradrop. Return to base." Would allow greater use of AA and fighter planes. Cost of transport would have to be balanced to not make it a personal taxi or a ramming vehicle, but cheap enough to allow 3-4 trips of 5 people. *

If possible a new perk

they is 3 mortors/static MG's new in that come in 2 pieces if it would be possible to make it 2 different perks where 1 gives you a tripod and the other the barrel and Ammo like a launcher with limited ammo ofc, ... 49FBEDE28/ ... 843900903/

*would be nice maybe make it into a mobile spawn plane like truck used to be would need a german equal though.

known Issues

if it's anything you want fixed:
Picking Explosives+Launcher+Anti-Tank overloads the fuck out of your character, giving 5 rockets for the Bazooka, Satchel, 8-13 magazines and enough grenades to take down a city

Panzerfaust 30 spawning with no ammo. ... =970661898

Scoping and buying a plane will blur the vision

removal of NVG's when it gets to a set time.
By JoelDx
yes to all that . more weapons/skin to unlock would be very nice , i'm lvl 66 and as i can see , only the M1903 with and without scope left to unlock .

to hold poeple on server your need to feed them with candy xD

is the grenade explosion still kick you from game?

Cheerz Spotlight ;-)

Add more AI to missions

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