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As we may already know. There's already a decent variety of toys to play with on both sides. But I think we could add more.

For instance, it would be great to add the implementation of Portable AT or AA stations, in the same way we use the paratrooper planes. For instance, you would need to be in a group, and when you want to purchase for example a TOW missle launcher, you would get the message saying that your partner would need to salute to be able to carry the other half of the equipment, and to deploy it.

Another suggestion would be to add Artillery, without the computer ofcourse, we could add the MRLS for blufor and the BM grad for OpFor, as well as the Paladin and the Russian Equilivant. (MRLS and BM GRAD 25k)

Another recommendation is to update the Russian Para plane lol, it has no counter measures, and if you gain too much speed at a negative incline you will ultimately call to your death.

And for us oldies, we would like to see a Malden Map for Old times sake (Operation Flashpoint Cold war Crisis)

I'm sire there are more suggestions to be added, but this is what I can think of for now. If anyone else has suggestions, please feel free to add them below

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