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By Mjr. Trubble
Map Ideas/Configurations

We need to start expanding our amount of maps and locations for AAS. As of now we have two that work fairly decently

A. Tight knit Stratis map on Agia Marina, no heavy vehicles (armor). Primarily infantry focus
B. Jungle map on Tanoa that has the same infantry focus.

We obviously are going to make a larger semi-light vehicle map and a map with all/most vehicles, but there is potential for other map configs other than this formulaic mold. Im willing to produce maps when i have the time but need ideas, others can too as its fairly simple.

Some ideas/things to experiment with:
Water based area
'Shoot-house' type zone (in VR), focused on CQB, extremely small map - something to run tests/competitions on also

Every map needs a odd amount of cap points (5-7)
Classes can be reconfigured per map but we would prefer to keep classes the same across the board for the time being.
By Tristan George
How about altis in one of the small towns, charkia maybe, or one of the ones in the far north west that never get used but are small enough for our needs.
By thesmileyone
I loved the AAS we played. Is testing closed? Can I get in?

I don't like Stratis. It is too hilly. I know this is like an afghanistan simulator map but you just get sniped all the time, which for AAS I am not sure is too great? It was great in the Jungle, cqb etc, on Tanoa though!

Have you looked at other maps or do you want to stick with vanilla ones? Because I remember an awesome map out back on A2 Dayz but I can't remember the name of it. It had an airfield right in the middle and wasn't really very big, you could spawn at edge and be at the airfield within 3 mins of running.

Cheerz Spotlight ;-)

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