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We have started to run contests in our discord come join in at DISCORD!

C4G on Discord

We reorganized our Discord, so that we can resolve issues & help you even better. You are all welcome on DISCORD!

New Member application system!

We have reworked our member system to make it easier to join us if you have applied before and got denied try again @recruitment

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Arma3 Servers

We host a wide variaty of servers such as King of the Hill Wasteland cherno/stratis and king of the hill 1944 check out our servers.

C4G Community

We are a gaming community that always welcomes new people that are looking for some good times although our community is mainly arma 3 based we play a wide varity of games so come and join.


You can hang out in our teamspeak theres always people playing there maybe you will find a couple of new friends.