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By UneBalleDansSaTete
Hello, I made a small montage of the behavior of the player "ryanf" on the server 1944 US, it is clear that he tries to make us locate my friend "error" and me and he voluntarily puts himself next to the c4 of the player "error" or that he commits suicide on the grenade of the player "error" in order to accuse us of team kill because we have already crossed on the server.
If you need the full video part I can provide it, I made a montage simply so that the video is not too long.
Note that he accuses us of not respecting the rule of 300 meters (which no longer exists) but that he enters the safe zone enemy


Know that I'm already full of the behavior of playing on the forum here is the link.

http://www.codefourgaming.com/forums/vi ... f=12&t=920

all of my games are registered entirely since the level reset, and that dozens of hours of play are available on my youtube page.
I've already gotten your friend banned for team killing me twice, reported him on discord...the fact that you are trying repeatedly to get me banned is so annoying i'm pretty sick of it to be honest. Then you try saying i was in the enemy safe zone (which i then got out of after i then realized). Also don't try and say i deliberately "voluntarily" got myself killed for c4 when after that he killed me for the 2nd time. All i'm doing is try to play the game.
Also why are you trying to back yourself up by linking other posts of me on the forums? what exactly have i done wrong...did i team kill anyone?
By erreur
hello both teamkill as you say his invonloter from me the first you was too close to my c4 and the segond you willingly demitour on my grenade to create this second teamkill you made me kik 2 days it does not matter if the admin looks good on the video he verifies that you and the only fotive
Nope, you killed me two times as I was trying to play the game. That resulted in a two day ban for you. I will willingly take screenshots again if continued!
By Storm
The C4 was far away and just an accident, the nade was thrown to the car while he was looting the bodies. I don't know French, so no idea what you were saying other than "noob".
I advice you to be more carefully when you throw nades and maybe the other guy to mind his steps to not give away friendlies or go into the enemy's safezone.
By UneBalleDansSaTete
It would be nice to remove the kicker of the player "erreur" since you found it yourself that at worst it is an accident, while it is clear on my video that he is killed voluntarily.
Moreover, if it is necessary I will gather here all the video of complaint of other players on other server (I know that I can not do you anything if it is about other waiters) concerning "ryanf" just for you to demonstrate the state of mind of this person, and I will dig through my recordings I must have some other evidence about it.

PS : since you do not understand the Frenchman, just before he throws himself on the grenade we hear the player "mistake" say I quote: "damn he turns around to come on my grenade" that's why I returned to film the scene (unfortunately too late) and of course he hastens to mark on the cat that he made a screen for a report.
And still to the fact that you are trying to get me banned is pretty sad to be honest, calling me a noob because of mistakes and also going to the effort to dig very very old posts up on the forums here that then you were also told that their was noting wrong...please stop holding a grudge and just move on.
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