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By RoidRage
To apply fill out the recruitment form that will show up automatically when you press New Topic in the recruitment section

1) 16+ years of age required for Membership. (exceptions can be made)

2) Mature, responsible attitude.

3) As a member we expect u to be active on our servers and would like to see you active on our teamspeak.

4) This community does not tolerate hacks, cheats, glitching, or racism of any kind. Any participation in any of those activities will be an instant ban from EVERYTHING, forever. Once we find out, and we will, you will have your membership revoked and be banned from our servers.

*If you understand and agree with the prerequisites posted above, then please apply using the following format:

************************************************** ******************

This application acts as a contract between You and CodeFourGaming. Once submitted, You agree to abide by Our Charter. If at any point you fail to do so, You risk having your membership denied / revoked.

The Charter:

I Will... Respect my fellow Members at all times.

I Will... Show Respect to non-members when given respect in return.

I Will... NOT abuse any power I may receive as a Member of Code 4.

I Will... NOT Cheat or abuse any exploit while on [C4G] Servers.

I Will... prioritize Code 4 as my main clan/community and support them.

I Will... conduct myself professionally while in public servers owned/operated by Code 4.

I Will... use my best judgement at all times.

I Understand... failure to follow this Charter will result in my Membership being revoked.

I am... Code 4.


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