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By NavyCFL@gmail.com
My friends and I wanted to ask if Code Four Gaming has considered adding new maps for King of the Hill? It's a great server but the same three maps are getting a bit old, some variety would be great. :)
By Remember Sega
i am assuming you mean for the 1944 server? if so i put some suggestion forward after looking at all the maps currently in and i am working on a custom map made for 1944. if it is normal koth then i have no idea.
By NavyCFL@gmail.com
Sega, no, I'm talking the KOTH no towers, well, any of the KOTH servers really. They all seem to have the same 3 maps. We love playing, it's just getting old playing the same three maps. I don't mind donating as long as the server admins update the content once in awhile to keep things interesting. Arma has so much unused potential.

btw... what is the exact name of the mods required for the 1944 version? Maybe we'll try it out since the others are not getting updated.
By NavyCFL@gmail.com
Ouch, that will hurt going from 112 to 1 but hey, it's something new, right? Thanks for the info!
By Remember Sega
no problem and the koth 1944 game mode is currently getting new content added as well so keep an eye open for it.
By NavyCFL@gmail.com
That's great! I like how the number of planes are limited. It would help balance things out if it were the same for tanks. It's almost impossible to get into the AO at times.
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